Welcome to The Rivoli!

A wonderland of plush red velvet gold-framed walls, Austrian crystal chandeliers and oversized Chinese lanterns, the Rivoli Ballroom is the only intact 1950s ballroom in London and remains one of its best kept secrets.  Much loved by the local community, the Rivoli has been through previous incarnations as a music hall, and picture house, and has been restored with care and passion by Bill and Jean, who have taken care of the building for over 30 years.
Unprepossessing from the outside, once through the doors the ballroom reveals itself as a glorious confection of perfect retro glamour. Its period atmosphere and beautifully quirky decor attracts film directors, programme and music video makers, and has formed the backdrop to countless photoshoots, music videos and one-off concerts.At the heart of the Rivoli however, is the local community, and the many people who find out about this very special place and come from further afield to enjoy its unique atmosphere. The Rivoli is famous not only for its beauty, but for its old-fashioned courtesy and the friendly crowd it attracts. The ballroom hosts regular events as well as charity functions, information about which you will find on this site. Happy navigating!